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5th Generation variable oven shuttle Rotational Molding Machine

The 5th generation shuttle rotomolding machine with variable oven is applicable for the production of large quantity, medium and large size rotomolded products, small size or small quantity rotomolded products. 
The heating chamber is flexible and adjustable in size according to production needs.
Saving more energy consumption, the production efficiency is greatly increased, at the same time , saving more floor and space, the most important thing is that, we help our customer greatly save original equipment purchase cost and production cost.
*Applicable to produce kayaks, feeding systems, sinks, outdoor furniture, plastic water tanks, military boxes, inspection wells, scrubbers, children’s entertainment facilities, etc.
*Optional arm type: straight arm , L-arm, C-arm
*Number of working arms: single arm and double-support arm are optional
*Available heat source materials: CNG, LPG, diesel

Have you encountered the following trouble?

I plan to purchase one small rotomolding machine to produce small size rotomolded products, but I am afraid there will be large size rotomolded products to produce in future, what should I do?
Please choose our 5th generation romomolding machine with variable oven.
The oven can change big or small according to requirement, one machine can do what two machines do. That means when producing small product, using the small oven, when producing large product or large batch product, using the large heating chamber, in this way ,the products of different order or different size can be produced in the same production process.   
If order quantity is increased , just need to add the working stations, don’t need to purchase a new rotomolding machine. The current oven can be fully used, without idle, energy saving, high production efficiency, high output, saving investment cost for machine, and production cost in future. 
We can help our customers to create more added -value. Investing small cost, getting great benefit.