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4th Generation Spherical shuttle Rotomolding Machine


Applicable to produce various rotomolding products, such as fuel tanks, medicine boxes, spreading funnels, anti-collision piers, roadblocks, floating bodies, pipeline wells, night lights, buckets, children’s toys, etc.

1.Optional arm type: straight arm,L-arm, C-arm.

2.Number of working arms: single arm and double-support arm are optional.

3.Available heat source materials: CNG, LPG, diesel.

The 4th Generation Spherical oven shuttle type rotomolding machine has the following advantages,

1.  The heating chamber adopts a spherical design, its volume is the smallest comparing with other shape of heating chambers, it minimize the useless space of the heating chamber.

Furthermore, the hot gas flow forms a streamlined cycle in the sphere heating chamber, molds are heated uniformly, which caused the product can be finished at 240-260 degree centigrade, the heating time is greatly shortened, the output per unit time is increased. 

The use of 140mm thickness high quality insulation layer effectively prevent heat loss.

Due to above advantages, the spherical oven’s fuel consumption is the least, the energy can be saved about 50-60% comparing with cube type heating chamber.

2.Each cantilever works independently without any interference with each other.

Even if a cantilever is difficult to demold or wasting time to change mold or fault repairing, other cantilever can work as usual, which is the carousel rotomolding machine can not carry out.

3.The track can be lengthened according to the number of working stations, the work station can be easily added at customer’s requirement.

4.The spherical heating chamber can be moved and fully utilized without being idle during the production process.

5.The temperature of the heating chamber is monitored in real time, it is convenient for quality control of the production process.

6.Fully automatic control system, touch interference, easy and fast operation.