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The process of rotational molding

  • author: Published in:2018-11-20 16:06:38
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 The basic process of rotational molding is simply to heat the powder or liquid polymer in the mold and rotate the mould around the core axis and the spindle, and then cooling and forming. 

At the beginning of the heating stage, if the powder material is used, the porous layer is first formed on the mold surface and then melted with the circulation process.

Finally, the homogeneous layer of uniform thickness is formed; if the liquid material is used, the flow and coating on the surface of the die are first, and the flow is completely stopped when the gel point is reached. The mold is then turned into the cooling area, cooled by forced ventilation or water spray, and then placed in the workspace, where the mold is opened, the finished parts are taken away, and then the next round of circulation is carried out.