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Why we developed the 2nd generation rotomolding machine?

  • author: Published in:2018-11-20 16:06:38
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 In the 1st generation, the square heating room was designed simply, but there was a big defect, that is, the energy consumption was too large. Because the rack that molds are  in the heating room rotate and rotation is a sphere trajectory, the square volume is much larger than the volume of the ball, in order to make the mold to achieve the desired heat, heating time is long, air flow in the square room is not circulated state, the air is straight to the opposite wall, forming a scattered state, The mould is not heated uniformly caused another reason for long heating time .

By improving the shape of the heating room, we designed the octagonal heating room, which reduced the volume by nearly 20%, and the direction of the air flow was greatly improved . The volume had reduced as the red area shown as Map 1, the air flow into the heating room and up the opposite slope, basically forming a circular cycle. The heating time of the mould is greatly reduced, the uneven heating of the mould is improved, and the energy consumption cost is reduced by 20-30%.

The Map 2 is the comparison between the square and the cylinder, and the red area is the saved space.